• 16 July 2024

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About me

Hi! Welcome to my blog.

It is a mixed bag of various ephemeral events and serendipitous, meaningful encounters with people and places expressed through either my romantic musings or academic bafflings. The stories I tell here have been collected at different spacetimes: whilst journeying around (mentally or physically), or being stationed in my hometown Novi Sad, Serbia (from which I occasionally depart and always return to); Fort William in the Highlands of Scotland (where I lived more than 3 years reading for my PhD) or London (where I lived my childhood dream and worked as a lecturer at the University of Greenwich). To be sure, this blog bears a lot of weight and meaning for me as the events, humans and non-humans that I mention, have had a great influence on who I am today, in one way or the other.

What is my life/research philosophy?

I am a social scientist. I take a humanistic, interdisciplinary approach to explore various aspects of being – a tourist, a consumer, a customer, a researcher, and above all, a human. Embodied knowledge is fundamental to our lives. A body always knows. The notion of corporeality and the idea that the social person is constructed through the formation of the body – its growth and development, but also its ornaments, fluids, thinking processes, memories and perceptions – underpin my research. It is why I focus mainly on the interrogation of embodied experiences, which entails utilisation of qualitative methodologies and phenomenological philosophy to critically interrogate lived experience, bodily presence, senses, memories of and reflections on the encounters within tourism and hospitality spaces.

Where do I find inspiration?

I am inspired by very subtle and ephemeral everyday life occurrences as much as grand, heavy-weight theory. I am fascinated by fungi and how they work within mycelial networks, I love all things Nordic, while fractal geometry of nature literally blows my mind.